Located on the Mississippi Coast in the Bay St. Louis/Waveland communities.
Cruisin’ the Coast® Host for Bay St. Louis
Hosting the 2nd Saturday Cruise-In in Bay St. Louis


Misfits Street Krewzers of South Mississippi

“The Cars”
Those wonderful infernal contraptions that helped make all this possible.
We use our love and attraction of these inanimate objects to go out and seek
new adventures. They transport us to new places and bring us back home.
In our effort to share what we have or want to experience we seek out others
who have the same vision. This is what forms the basis of the soul of the people
who are”The Street Rodder Families“of today. The thrill of the open road and the
anticipation of what lays ahead is what most of seek. Every stop we encounter
those who wish they could share our adventure. We encourage them to do so.
We welcome them with open arms into our family fold. After all, life, fun
and adventure is best when shared with someone.
Jeff Westfall 2001